The core leadership series is a three-part series designed for two things: to be teachable in bite-size chunks and to be kept, in a binder, ready to go at a moment's notice.  This series begins by explaining the absolute basics of sound leadership, follows it up with some of the most recent finds in behavioral science, and finishes with a summary of the responsibility you'll be taking on.

At the bottom of this page you'll find a link to the document.  This document is and always will be free.  If you were to sign up for our services, one of the first things we'll recommend doing is getting your leadership team together and running them through it.  Its meant to be broken up into three separate sessions (days) so as to let each individual lesson sink in.  We also teach it with a small selection of clips from TED talks (if you haven't heard of TED and you're a leader, you're about a year behind everyone else!), involve the participants a lot more, and overall provide a much more pointed experience based on your individual needs.

That being said - its not exactly practical to have one of us present the class so here are the basics.

We love questions almost as much as we love not knowing answers (which is to say a lot!).  Please, if you take advantage of this free resource, feel free to drop us a line if you're confused by any of the language or you have suggestions on how to improve it.  It is a living document and we will update it from time to time.

That's enough talk.  Get to reading!


Pioneer Outdoors Core Leadership Series

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